Tools and Resources


Simple Self Assessment

Print, fill and track your progress using this simple, clinically valid questionaire designed by postural behaviour expert Lorraine Josey.





Set up your Workstation

A clear run down of an ergonomically correct workstation.






How to Fit your BackTone

An easy pdf print out of the BackTone fitting instructions.





Changing Posture with Biofeedback WEBINAR SERIES

Join occupational therapist and postural behaviour specialist Lorraine Josey as she runs you through a complete biofeedback posture training program  with the BackTone Posture Trainer. Continued over four short sessions, this is the same clinically validated program she developed in her Masters research. Perfect for curious practitioners and BackTone users who want to know the latest in postural behaviour and implement a program for serious change.

Session 1

 Session 2

Session 3 and 4 coming soon!

Practitioner Advanced Training

Retraining Posture in Complex Tasks : Stage 1

Retraining Posture in Complex Tasks : Stage 2

Retraining Posture in Complex Tasks : Stage 3