*Footage from the Sunshine Coast BackTone Posture Workshop. For enquiries on workshops in your workplace or area please contact us.

In 2015 Lorraine Josey examined the effectiveness of BackTone for improving posture and pain in her master's research at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Click here to see the research abstract.

Clinicians worldwide have been sucessfully incorporating the BackTone into their treatment programs and extending training into their clients’ daily routine. To date BackTone has been used and supplied by:


Occupational Therapists

Musculoskeletal Therapists


Massage Therapists

Dentists and Orthodontists

Fitness Trainers


Practitioners can purchase BackTone for a discounted rate. Please contact us to register as a practitioner and recieve your discount.

Using BackTone will enable you to incorporate daily training sessions over a sufficient period of time to change the HABIT of slouching.

Read the instructions that come with your BackTone carefully to ensure you are fitting the BackTone correctly. There is also a reccommened treatment program written by Lorraine which will give you a good indication on how to incorporate BackTone into your practise.

Regularly review how your client uses their BackTone so that you can track postural progress. If you are accustomed to taping, try “Tape first – then BackTone”. Some practitioners tape their clients initially as a way of determining whether postural adjustment will assist them. Then they use BackTone to help their clients turn the desired posture into a habit. Remember it takes at least 3 weeks to change a habit, and who can tolerate taping for that period of time?

Lorraine is passionate about the subject of posture and posture change, and is always willing to discuss the best way to sucessfully incorporate BackTone into your practise. If you would like to chat directly with Lorraine you can contact her here.


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