Using BackTone

For best results, wear your BackTone for 20mins at a time, 2-3 times a day. You will begin to see results within two weeks.

BackTone comes with a specially designed posture program designed by Lorraine Josey. It is highly recommened that you read your instructions properly for detailed advice on wearing regimes and getting the best results from your BackTone.



Wearing BackTone at home allows you to experiment with postures and movements freely. Avoid tasks that involve a lot of bending, twisting or reaching in the early stages as it is harder to maintain good posture during those movements.


You can use your BackTone to learn how to do specific work tasks with better posture, such as working at a computer. BackTone has a vibrate function which can be used if noise is an issue, but where ever possible keep the BackTone on beep mode as it is a superior trainer and uses less battery life.

Click here for instructions on how to set up your computer work station.



Many sportspeople use BackTone to enhance their technique and strength. However you need to follow a particular strategy. First wear your BackTone around the home. This will teach you not only what good posture FEELS like, but how to quickly and easily adopt good posture without having to think of a set of instructions. Then think about how to incorporate the newly learned posture into your sporting techniques and practise with the new posture.

One step at a time is the only way. Break down the action you are trying to change and learn the most basic component first.

Consider wearing BackTone to help retrain specific movements or components of a technique – such as a backswing or during the swing-through. Some of the sportspeople who have used BackTone to help them include: Swimmers, Golfers, Tennis Players, Cricketers, Footballers, Skaters, Cyclists, Runners, Horse Riders, Squash Players.


Track your progress with our easy to use 1 page Self Assessment questionnaire. Download it here. Print a couple of copies, fill one out and keep it. When you want to evaluate your progress, fill out a new form. Then simply compare your scores.

Our Self Assessment form uses Numerical Rating Scales which have been evaluated for providing valid scores, suitable for comparison.

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