Fitting Your BackTone


When wearing your BackTone, the waist belt must remain right down low on your waist. DO NOT be tempted to put it on and start adjusting the shoulder straps first. You must get the waist belt in position before you do anything else.


  1.  Ensure your BackTone® is switched to beep mode. Always use beep mode where ever possible – it is a more effective trainer and consumes less battery than vibrate mode.
  2.  Loosen the shoulder straps and put the BackTone® on as you would a back pack. Do not adjust the shoulder straps yet.
  3. Fasten the waist buckle, push the belt right down low on your waist and then tighten it by pulling the loose end. Not quite so tight that you can’t breathe – but quite firm so it stays in place as you move around. It is crucial that the waist belt is secured low and very tight around your waist before you tighten the shoulder straps.
  4. NOW start adjusting the length of the shoulder straps so the BackTone® beeps when you slouch but not when you are in your desired posture. Tighten by pulling on the strap ends, loosen by lifting the buckles. When fitted correctly the shoulder straps often feel quite loose.
  5. Wear your BackTone® for no more than 20 minutes at a time as you go about your daily activities.

Download a copy of these instructions here.

BackTone Fit


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