Claire's Story


Claire decided she needed to change her posture following a whip lash injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident 6 years previously. Her slouching had come on after the injury and was accompanied by constant neck/shoulder pain which sometimes extended down her back and into her hip and 2 - 3 severe headaches each week.  When the pain was severe, she could not rotate her neck.  Not only did she need to change her habitual posture to reduce her symptoms, but she was concerned about how her slouching made her look.  She had been attending physiotherapy and massage regularly. She knew about the importance of good posture, she exercised regularly, but just could not correct her habitual slouch.

Claire worked 3 - 5 days per week in a retail outlet.  She commenced wearing her BackTone a couple of times each day at home, whilst walking to work and sometimes whilst at work.  She found it difficult to wear at work because of the need to frequently crouch and bend to retrieve stock so we concentrated on wearing it for periods at home and when walking to work. Claire began to notice a change within a fortnight.  Her posture "felt good" and she was noticing times that she was slouching and was able to straighten up. Her headaches and neck pain reduced.  Over the following 2 months Claire further reduced her symptoms so that her neck generally "felt good".  She experienced neck pain or headaches about once a week and they tended to recover easily.  She changed her habitual posture, looks great, fell pregnant and now has a boy.  She reports no problems with her neck pain during her pregnancy or after the baby's birth.  She is still aware of her posture and corrects whenever she notices a problem.