why it works

The power to change postural behaviour is impacted by your understanding of what posture is.  Whatever strategy you are using to change posture, it is underpinned by how you think postural behaviour works.

For example, it is not enough just to learn WHAT good posture is- then the implication is that postural behaviour occurs as a result of a conscious decision-making process. That is, we think about our posture throughout the day, decide if it’s the way we want and then modify it. Doing that would require a massive conscious effort, sustained over many days… and for most of us, that’s impossible. 

If you are trying to change posture by modifying environment or equipment alone, then you must be thinking that posture is expressed as a result of our interaction with the environment. If that were the case, we would not be continuing to experience consistently high rates of musculoskeletal disorders – even in environments with ergonomically adjustable furniture.

Our view at BackTone is that posture is simply the way your body holds itself while you do something. It’s ever-changing and mostly-unconscious. It is a habit, a product of how you regularly move and do things; so if you want to change your posture, you have to change how you do things. You need training whilst you are in the midst of your tasks – not separately.

With BackTone, you practise doing your work and everyday tasks as you normally would without thinking about your posture, but while training your body how to move and stand, until upright posture becomes your regular habit.

That means your muscles need to be working to hold you correctly on their own, without being held in place with strapping or braces. This is why the BackTone Posture Corrector works. You wear it over your clothes for around twenty minutes at a time and go about your tasks. When you slouch, BackTone beeps continuously until you straighten up. As you are distracted by your activity, straightening up when you hear the beep becomes an automatic reaction as the only attention you give it is the brief thoughts to shut the unit up. Your muscles are learning themselves the correct way to move stand. You are changing your motor patterns so good posture feels normal. It is quite amazing how quickly people notice results. Worn three times a day for three weeks generally is enough to turn ordinary habitual posture into ongoing upright habitual posture.

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