Who is Lorraine Josey?

About Lorraine Josey


Lorraine Josey has been an Occupational Therapist for over thirty years. During this time she has worked within a number clinical settings, including acute hospital based care and long term physical rehabilitation, workplace rehabilitation and consulting, and private practice.

Lorraine developed BackTone in 2002 while trying to change her patient's posture in workplace rehab. The success was staggering, and Lorraine turned her attention to posture retraining.

In 2015 Lorraine completed her masters research at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Her thesis, entitled The Use of Biomechanical Biofeedback to Improve Posture and Reduce Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Computer Users, yielded exciting results. She presented her findings at the 2015 Occupational Therapy Australia National Conference, the 2016 American Association of Occupational Therapists Conference, the 2016 American Physical Therapy Annual Conference and the 2016 Workplace Health Association of Australia National Conference.

Lorraine Josey loves discussing and facilitating posture change. Please contact us to get in touch.

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